Analyzing tomorrow to create today


The future is not just an extrapolation of the past. That’s why we analyze tomorrow to shape the future today.

We combine logic and imagination to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

Framing and Reframing

Now is the opportunity to question the certainties we have all become used to. It’s time to redefine the paradigms of markets, revenue streams and customer relationships. To succeed in the future, we have to unlearn the learned.
> Status Quo Analysis (Market, Brand, Target Group, Location)
> Industry Insights
> Experience Evaluation

Future Projection and Vision Building

The future is not just an extrapolation of the past. We have to shift our attention away from prior achievements and best practices. To create something lasting today, we have to focus on our vision for tomorrow.
> Trend Research & Lectures
> Innovation Workshops
> Scenario Development

Future Vision and Simple Truth

We are keen to face complexity, grind it down and abstract it into simple truths. It needs a comprehensible, simple truth to create the drive to reinvent businesses, companies and behaviors. That’s why we are never afraid to address them at eye level.
> Strategic Brand Proposition
> Strategic Framework
> Future Playbook

Creative Strategy Conception

We do not separate analytical from creative tasks. We ask inspiring questions, draw surprising conclusions and develop unquestionable ideas.
> Core Idea Development
> Idea Sprint
> Concept Development

New Customer Experience

We rethink business from a customer perspective. We don’t just refine the existing, but work on the fundamentals of how brands interact in the future and create long-term value. We build things that are exceptional but made to last.
> Detailed Concept & Realisation
> Internal Transformation
> Implementation Support