Location: Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart
What we do

Liga2037 – The CreativeStrategy Consultancy

The future creates the present. We combine logic and imagination to deliver the simple truths that open up business opportunities.
We work with brands to create marketing innovations that shape the next 20 years.

Our drive

Things that move us

Understanding big
shifts & deriving opportunities

Making sense of how trends & developments in technology, markets & society
take form and how brands can brands make use of that

Developing models & ideas

Solving problems in creative ways and setting the foundation for
new approaches through core ideas, concepts and models.

Illustrating and explaining
complex stuff

Building sophisticated presentations in a comprehensible,
didactic, logical manner that are able to convince and thrill an audience.

Discovering and tracking “the new”

Being full-contact curious: Spending a large amount of time finding out
what’s new and special out there.


Your future routine

Experiencing and learning
different aspects of our
consulting business

Playing a substantial role
in client projects by supporting
the consultants

Bringing in your unique
perspective and teaching others
about your specific background
(e.g. your field of study)

Sounds like a plan?